The history of coffee stretches back to the year 525 A.D.. Surviving legends tell the story of how coffee came into the world,
and how it took its worthy place in our lives.

Every working day and any festive occasion we can think
of, are unimaginable without coffee. Coffee is the most well-known and most widespread drink across the globe,
and 90% of the world’s adult population drink it with great pleasure.
Drinking coffee is both a necessity and a ritual. It is an exceptional and unique act, providing both opportunity to meet
with people and the smell which wakes us in the morning or from an afternoon siesta.
Coffee manages to break down barriers of both culture and language with its aroma, it creates a unique atmosphere
wherever it is found. Thanks to caffeine, which cheers the mood and sharpens the senses, coffee became popular not just among intellectuals.
Coffee’s African origins and its subsequent expansion across the globe show that it is a truly universal drink – in the widest sense of the word.

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